Wickedball Interactive Pet Toy

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The worlds first electronic pet toy ball, ideal for cats and small dogs. More than just a toy, Wickedball is fully automatic, having the ability to move on it's own. 

How does it work? When switched on Wickedball will move, shake and manoeuvre to get your pets attention. When touched it will do so unpredictably which entices your pet to play. Fully charged after 1 hour, Wickedball has 3 settings indicated by the colour. Pink for a highly active mode lasting between 1 - 2 hours, Blue for standard mode lasting 4 hours, and Green for gentle lasting up to 8 hours

With replaceable quality outer-shells (sold separately) Wickedball is designed for long lasting fun for your four legged friend.

Oh, and it's waterproof so your pet can play with it in the water.

No App needed. Micro USB charging port and battery included.