Wickedbone Interactive Pet Toy

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Premium interactive dog toy bone with mobile app integration. 

How does it work? The Wickedbone has two settings, auto and manual.

In auto mode the Wickedbone moves, shakes and manoeuvres to get your pets attention, and when touched it will do so unpredictably to entice your pet to play. 

In manual mode, using the free app which is downloadable on the app store, you have the ability to fully control and customise how you play, letting you not only steer but also select from a list of actions such as spinning, flipping, rotating and more. You can also customise various parameters such as high/low play drive as well as sensitivity for different surfaces.

Micro USB charging port and battery included. 

Wickedbone comes in white but can be changed by adding a set of colourful Wickedbone tyres (purchased separately).


Customer Reviews

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Overall good toy. Only thing I'm disappointed with is with the interactive mode. You need to choose a 'timer' of up to 20 minutes each time you want to use the interactive mode.

They advertise the battery lasting for 4 hours in the interactive mode. But in order to utilise the toy for up to 4 hours, you need to be refreshing the timer every 20 minutes! So dumb.


Good quality toy, very entertaining


Took a few tries to get used to the toy, but now our dog is obsessed with it. Now he comes looking for it waiting to play. I was a bit sceptical at first as it took a while to warm up to it and seemed like a waste, now it gets used all the time, its actually quite fun to operate as well. It gets dropped, chewed on and used on pavement, have had no issues


Good quality toy, better than expected


This is a really fun toy to get if you enjoy time playing with your pet as it does require you to select mode of operation whether auto or manual via the app. I got this for my kids and they love it.